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Getting ready for ESOS - Utilising Professional Services to Maximise the Opportunity

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Regardless of whether you already feel you have a good understanding of the ESOS requirements or whether you are new to the scheme there is one question you should be asking yourself: "How can I maximise the opportunity that ESOS presents?"

To tackle this question we launched our two-part webinar series on ESOS compliance and the opportunity it presents.

During the webinar we will be sharing:

  • Strategic routes to ESOS compliance
  • Utilising your data and the importance of sub-metering
  • Results from our ESOS Survey

We will also be announcing our strategic partnership with Sweett Group - leading global provider of professional services to the built environment - as part of our complete ESOS solution offering.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A forum where we encourage you to share your questions and concerns on ESOS.

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Charles Coe
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Building Sustainability

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