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Base-load analysis is the starting point for all our work. Once we can see the time-distribution of the energy within the building we can prescribe a course of low cost remedial actions to bring “out of hours” energy consumption under control.

When a building is fitted with sub-metering it is then possible to pinpoint where the majority of “out of hours” consumption is occurring.

Charles Coe, will demonstrate the use of these tools in order to:
- Quantify the emissions resulting from out of office hours emissions;
- Combine the view from all sub-meters in a useful way to produce of hierarchy of “out of hours” emissions
- Interpreting half hourly line chart data to make conclusions on what remedial action to take.

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Mikael Söderman
Systems Architect
Building Sustainability

Charles Coe
Client Services Manager
Building Sustainability
Guide on baseload analysis
Guide on baseload analysis

Download our guide on baseload analysis.